The World’s Smallest Yacht

The yacht company Hyperlien takes pride in this mini sea vehicle. Janus Huang, the Design Director at Hyperlien Yacht, who has also gathered numerous international design awards, notes that even though an old car like a Mini may appear quite “small” from the outside, its interior space can be compared to vehicles that are twice its size in the market. He believes that this yacht stands out in a similar manner with its style. As you may agree, wheels tucked into the far corners of the car increase the interior space, and certain equipment, either stacked on top of each other or sharing the same position, maximizes the interior volume.

According to Janus Huang, perhaps the 8.5-meter space should be maximized to the fullest, but users require an infinite space. Therefore, when creating the Hyperlien yacht, relatively open spaces were designed, drawing inspiration from Huang’s valid notion.

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