What is a Boat Boat

What is a Boat?

A boat is a vehicle designed, made or used to travel on water. Boats can be used for a variety of purposes, including trade, tourism, fishing, defense or technological research. The sizes and designs of boats can be very different, ranging from small boats to large ships.

History of the Boat

The history of the boat stretches back since people started traveling at sea. The first boats were made of simpler materials and were used only for short trips to rivers and lakes. Dating back to 5000 BC, these early boats were usually made of materials such as wood, bamboo or bark.

In the history that goes back to 4000 BC, people started to travel by sea for the first time. During this period, boats made of materials such as papyrus or shell were used in Egypt. In 3000 BC, more durable boats were started to be made by using metal materials such as iron, copper or bronze in the Mediterranean region.

In the history going back to 1000 AD, wooden materials used to build wooden boats were added to the materials used. During this period, the boats used by Europeans were usually oars or sailboats. Between the 15th and 16th centuries AD, larger and more powerful motorboats began to be built to travel to the Americas discovered by the Spanish and Portuguese.

In recent years, with the development of technology, lighter, faster and more durable boats have been made by using modern materials such as fiberglass, aluminum or carbon fiber.

History of the Boat

What are the Boat Types?

Boat types are generally classified according to the intended use, design or structure of the boats. Examples include:

  • Sports boats: These are boats designed for activities such as sailing, jet skiing, surfing, surfing and skiing.
  • Fishing boats: boats designed for fishing, usually small or medium sized boats, although some can be large.
  • Tourist boats: boats designed for tourists, usually used for sightseeing, natural beauty or historical places.
  • Exhaust boats: are motor boats, usually used for fast or speedy voyages.
  • Cargo boats: boats designed to carry goods or cargo, usually large or medium-sized boats.
  • Submarines: boats designed for underwater travel.
  • Merchant ships: large boats used for commercial purposes.
  • Yachts: larger, luxury boats designed for boarding voyages.

This is just a general list and there is more variation between boat types.

What Are Boat Sections?

Boats usually consist of the following parts:

  • Bridge: The place used for the captain and other crew, the place where the boat control panel and navigation devices are located.
  • Saloon: The interior of the boat, usually where the sitting, eating and resting areas are located.
  • Kitchen: The food and beverage preparation area of ​​the boat, usually the place where equipment such as oven, stove, refrigerator are located.
  • Bedrooms: The bedrooms of the boat, places used for boarding trips.
  • Bathroom and toilet: The bath and toilet areas of the boat, usually where the shower, sink and WC are located.
  • Engine compartment: The place where the boat’s engines and other mechanical systems are located.
  • Warehouse: A place where the boat’s spare parts, equipment and other materials are stored.
  • Boat cabin: The area used when the boat enters or exits the water.
  • Aft or aft of boat: The aft of the boat, the place usually used for embarkation or disembarkation.
  • Top of the boat: The top of the boat, the place usually used for cruising or resting.

This is just a general list and there is more variation between sections of boats. Some boats may also include additional sections not mentioned in this list.

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