Which are the fastest speedboats in the world Speedboat

Which are the fastest speedboats in the world?

The fastest speedboats in the world can vary due to advancing technology and new records. As of 2021, the following boats are known for being the fastest:

Spirit of Australia (317.60 km/h or 197.60 mph)

Designed and piloted by Australian racer Ken Warby, this boat still holds the world record. Spirit of Australia achieved this speed on October 8, 1978, on Blowering Dam Lake.

spirit of australia

Kenora II (275 km/h or 171 mph)

Designed and piloted by Canadian racer Ken Warby, Kenora II was his last design before breaking the world record in 1978. Kenora II held the world record before Spirit of Australia surpassed it.


Bluebird K7 (276 km/h or 171 mph)

The Bluebird series of speedboats were used by British racer Donald Campbell. Bluebird K7 broke the world record in 1955.

Bluebird K7

Sailrocket 2 (121 km/h or 75 mph)

Sailrocket 2 is a speed sailing boat, also known as a hydrofoil. In 2012, Australian racer Paul Larsen achieved a world record speed in Walvis Bay, Namibia, reaching 121 km/h (75 mph).

sailrocket 2

Please note that these boats are examples that have held world records, but the rankings can change over time. The field of speedboats continually sees new designs and records being set.

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